What did you do today?


Today I found this recipe

Then I tried it myself


I studied today, I have test tomorrow .


my day is over. i’m going to bed now. had visit today and I´m very tired. did it taste well @Ryan_Grey?


it tasted like sponge.


:scream: :smile:


It seems like you have used fresh bread. Maybe it´s getting better with Toast?


Haha sponge…


my favorite lpu-video :smile:


@samueleiter thats what I thought first :joy:

I changed the recipe a little. Used wholemealtoast, put a bit cream cheese with herbage on it and take finely sliced cheese with taste of tomato. Better to rolling. Don´t smells like sponge now.


I’m starving at school and it awful to see you guys talk about food! hahhahah


strawberries with honey clementine :smiley:


Didnt you just copy this from 9gag?
Liar Liar, pants on :fire:


this is my all time fave LPU TV episode!


All I really do anymore is sleep, work, or screw around on Minecraft or something for an hour or so. I wish I worked less