What do you care about?


Somehow (and maybe because I associate it a bit with myself) I believe Linkin Park fans are a special crowd that goes one step beyond the mainstream. That makes me more comfortable talking about it on here.

I can’t stop wondering why are the values these days are so inverted?

Such things as global hunger, climate change, slavery, child abuse in 3d world countries is no secret or wonder to anyone from the western world. And yet, how often do we actually care about those issues.

I bet 9 out of 10 hearing one of those things make sympathetic head shakes and perhaps even go a step further saying… oh, that is SO bad. But who ends up actually doing anything? We have all the freedom, intelligence and resources to make difference in the lives of those people (which are by the way around 90% of the population).

We are priviledged to have this what we have got, when did we stop caring of those who dont have it? Somehow, most people care more about getting new apple iphone (because 3S is not so cool anymore) than actually joining the cause against greehouse effect or some volunteer in food bank. I m not blaming anyone. I am no better. But it just makes me wonder.

Whats wrong with us? Are we victims of media… or indifference… or we are just selfish and whimsical?

I know - there are big hearted people that dedicate all their lives to others. But they are not enough. They are so few. It should be in each of us… Or at least in many of us.

So my question is what do you care about? or Do you care about those things? or Do you think we should care about those things?