What do you guys think of the new LPU XIII packages?


are you guys happy with what’s been included in this years package?

personally, i think it’s pretty cool… the plugair thing seems a bit pointless, but i guess we won’t know until we actually see what it unlocks :3

the jersey is also quite interesting imo, plus i think it looks high quality and really nice. i got the LPU11+ package, and from what i’ve seen i think the stuff included in this years was a lot better! :c

what do you guys think?


I consider stickers/posters/earbuds/laces/etc as fluff since I don’t use any of it.
Since the shirt isn’t white like I’d hoped it would be, kind of sad.
The CD is demos which I am kind of burned out on.
PlugAir, no idea if I’ll use or how it will be so no opinion yet.
Lanyard and laminate, never really need.

Overall I’d say it’s average package. Since I never really wear LPU shirts and don’t use any of the items, I’m not happy or sad with anything except the shirt a little.


I love the package, great items and a great CD. Love the demos. I hope they never stray from the demo releases for LPU. So much better than past releases where we would get live tracks and remixes.


I’m not to sure yet, it looks good. I’ll decide when I get it


Like Derek, I’d have to agree that most of it I’d probably not get around to using- it’s “fluff”.
Since this is my first year, I bought the entire package as a keepsake and because I could gift some of the unneeded memorabilia to my friends who can’t join LPU.


I agree with Derek too… I would say that it’s average package.
It is the second LPU package that I bought, and I think the LPU12 was better, or much more usable. The t-shit and the water bottle I use all the time.
In LPU13, I guess I’ll use only the t-shit. Don’t really understand what it’s the plugair…


I think the Jersey is Kind of awesome. Seems like high quality.
I mean: I don’t really need the poster…
And I just can’t talk about the plug air… I mean great idea. But … Let’s test it, before judging.
The package last year was more useable. Especially the water bottle :slight_smile:


The design of the shirt is not my taste. Plus I don’t like synthetics clothes. It’s certainly a good idea to recycle plastics and create usefull things. But for me, it hasn’t to be a shirt. I prefer cotton. Therefore I instead ordered the HardRock signature shirt.

The poster looks very nice! But I didn’t purchased one, because I have no use for it.
The laminate looks also nice.

I don’t write about the CD until my package arrives and I listened to it. I just listened to Primo so far, and it is great!

The most mystical content is the PlugAir. I watched several videos, but I still don’t know what it is for. They say we can get special LP stuff with PlugAir. But to download something on my mobile device, I normally don’t need extra equipment. I guess, that PluAir is something like a harddrive, where we can safe LP related stuff and share it with others. I don’t know. I didn’t purchased one. I hope, I won’t regred :wink: