What Do You Plan On Getting Signed At a Meet and Greet?


I’m currently trying to go to the LP and Incubus concert in IL, and if I do I’ll sign up for the meet and greet. I want to draw the band members and have them all sign it, but I can’t draw people, so I’m trying to convince my art teacher to have my summer project a portrait of Mike instead of a self-portrait. XD

What about you guys? Have any plans on what you want signed by LP?


that would be sweet! haha. i’m gonna try to find like a promo poster of living things and get that signed. then i’m gonna take that poster and the living things cd and case and hire a friend of mine who makes frames, plaques,ect to make a neat lil thing so i can hang it on my wall!


Those both sound like awesome ideas guys, but you have to think of what you’re gonna be doing with that during the concert! This girl I was near had a scrapbook and imagine clapping your ass off during the 2 minute concert intro of “no more sorrow”!!! Not gonna happen with one hand! ;op oh my god! I can’t wait! I’ll be at the Tinley park concert too in the pit and if I do get the amazing opportunity to meet the guys I wanna bring my lpu flag and my husband will prolly do one of the CDs or the m and g pass or something small.

I can not seem to get enough of the live shows. I’m debating going to a neighboring state but I’m not crazy about getting seats in Indy =o/


My lpu summit pass again lol jk but probably 1 of my 3 posters


im not in the pit this time. i have a reserved seat directly nehind the pit so if i happen to be lucky enough for the meet and greet i should be okay haha


I’m looking at this thread for ideas, because I have no clue and I want to bring something not too big, but something not lame as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
Last time I went I had them sign my ticket (ugh) because I found out I was attending the M&G the day of, and had already left my house.


I’ll probably just buy a poster at the concert or get them to sign my LPU pass or something lol
Last year I bought a poster at the Chicago concert and I was in the pit right by the stage and one of the security guys let me and my friends put our stuff over by him. Such a nice guy lol


I’d love to get my From the Inside Meteora book signed.


[quote=jneen277]I’d love to get my From the Inside Meteora book signed.

I love that book! My husband wants that signed too but I don’t wanna lug it around hahaha!


I have a Linkin Park leg sleeve tattoo. I would die to have then band sign my leg then tattoo it in!


Well im getting one of those free passes, so i am already preparing what to bring with me i was thinking my LPU11 Flag, maybe the cd case, or this book i got for christmas published in 2009 or um the big thing i wanna bring and most important um this black/white Fender Strat my first gutiar i just got from a friend that gave me so i got many ideas im not rly sure whats the limit or if they wont be able to sighn most of those at least three of those items i named. Im just super excited im bringing what i can fit in my little bag i can wear on my back… Still not sure about my Guitar that would be awsome tho [biggrin]


I have one of Brad’s drumstick and i don’t think all of the guys signed it, Should i complete the drumstick or get something else signed?


Bring the drumstick and somthin els you want to be sighed im sure they will do both…


[quote=Elizabeth Pioquinto]I have one of Brad’s drumstick and i don’t think all of the guys signed it, Should i complete the drumstick or get something else signed?[/quote]Fail :3

Last year, when I met them in Boston, I had them sign the art book from the A Thousand Suns box set

When I thought about what to have them sign, I typically thought of having them sign something from the album they’re supporting.

I’m using my guaranteed meet and greet for this summer’s tour and I’m planning on having them sign my back (around my tattoo). I’m also thinking of having Chester write my favorite lyric as well.


my poster from the project revolution concert in 2007 & get my sons hat signed he already has it signed by the driver of grave digger.


I plan to get…nothing signed. Lol. Not really into autographs much anymore. Maybe I’ll get something signed and then give it away o.O


When I went last year I got my From the Inside: Meteora book signed :slight_smile: If I won another M&G I have no idea what I’d bring! I wish I could bring the huge poster I got from one of the LPU auctions for Haiti but it’s, well, huge… And I already got it dry-mounted so it wouldn’t get ripped on my wall.
Hmm I was also thinking a tour shirt but I don’t want it to fade.


I have ATS album and MFR-Japan t-shirt signed by LP but I have no idea what I want next :’)


still not sure
IF I EVER GET PICKED for a meet and greet

but if i can go i would probably print out one of my graphics on shiny paper
and let them signed that


I would have to say my thousand suns book. ill get it framed and put up next to my skatedeck :slight_smile: