What do you think will/should be on LPU 15?


I want to hear all of your thoughts


Hi soldier, there are already two existing threats on that topic, we try to keep the forums here on he LPU clean, so join the other convrsations first & read a lil bit in the Topics, if it isn´t the right oe for ya, you can create a new one, but out of my own experience: ppl usually didn´t give answer, if they´re ask the same qu 3 times, just make your ow exp. :smile:


Links are broken :confused:

Looks like we’re using this thread.


Here’s the only one LPU XV - What do you expect/want to see

The 1st link is for XVLP, which has nothing to do with the LPU.


Doesn’t work either.


Yeah, it’s under “The Underground” category. Not sure if I should open it or not.





You probably have no valid LPU membership. Mine expires on 31.12.15


I’m on a trial code ATM.


stm it has to do with cookies, there was a time I couldn´t enter at all, wonderful union supp. helped me twice this case, the 2. time they told me to delete all cookies etc. and then gave me a new access-pw, maybe? I believe you won´t have the regular badge if you´re membership isn´t vailid! Send request to @LPUHQ , best way to clear up… :grin:


It’s just that those topics are under LPU categories. LPU members have access to them only (full, not trial members).