What do you think?


About 2 years ago I designed to be a tattoo, but ended up doing just the letter. What did you think?


That’s pretty cool. Did you just get the logo done?

I don’t know much about tattoo art. Some of the lines are very thin and I don’t know if a tattoo artist can make them that thin. Can they?


it looks cool


it´s really nice


Yes I did, but already has a few years. Yes they can make very fine lines. :wink:


That’s cool to hear. How come you didn’t get the whole thing?


@kathyxx Actually I gave up doing it, because the amount of shades of black, just tattooing only "i’m my own worst enemy LP new logo"
It’s just an idea I had a while ago and wanted to share, free to modify or make any changes.
And because the amount of black would not be the ideal in my skin tone.


Great design! I wouldn’t have that much black in though, maybe the LP symbol in black and then the banner in maybe a red or purple, just because those are my fav clolours lol I’d maybe have the skulls just as an outline without theshading? makes the LP symbol stand out a little it more :slight_smile: