What does "Blood in your eye" actually mean?


Is it a metaphor? A reference?

I can relate to the song, as there was a moment when…

There was a blackout…

And he had blood in his eye…


But does “Blackout, blood in your eye” have another meaning? Or is it literal?


There’s a website that explains lyrics, try like looking there. If I was on my computer id link it. Was called Rap Genius, I think it’s all genres now though

That being said, what does throwing keys into your eye do, as well?



Didn’t think about that one either…


“Blood in the eye” is often used as a metaphor for anger in a person. The word blood represents the anger/desire to hurt others in a person.

@TripleXero if you are referring to “keys to the kingdom”, tossing keys into the eyes does nothing. That’s why the next line says “I’m my own casualty” :poop:


The term, ‘blood in your eye’ or simply ‘red eyes’ is often used in describing a situation where somebody is in such a significant amount of emotional or physical stress [ or other influence ] that causes their eyes to turn red.

In medicine, this description is referred to as “Subconjunctival Hemorrhaging”.

In this case however, the term may be referring to somebody’s desire to harm somebody else. In which case, this phenomenon is normally seen in situations where a person is angered [ enraged even ], saddened, tormented etc…

I.E. Either the antagonist wants to harm the protagonist, or vice versa.

IN WHICH CASE, having red eyes or blood in your eye would mean that you probably got hit, and are experiencing what is called, ‘Eye Trauma’.

source: http://genius.com/Linkin-park-blackout-lyrics


@lpchris1 while you have correctly explained “red eyes”, this is not same as “blood in eyes”. While crying can also cause “red eyes”, “blood in eyes” is not used to explain the scenario. Blood is eyes, is very specifically related to anger/hatred.

also, while i joked about "keys to the kingdom: lyrics, my opinion is, it should be read as “tossed the keys to the kingdom down that hole/ in my eyes i’m my own casualty” and not as “tossed the keys to the kingdom/ down that hole in my eyes”.


When the song was created, there was a melody without words and I think Chester added the phrase ‘blood in your eye’ as a fitting melody and intense lyrics. But it is always good to look for deeper meaning and symbolism. Blackout is my favorite song by LINKIN PARK!