What Film would you like Linkin Park do a Soundtrack for?


I hear Power Rangers is getting a new movie (reboot)
I can just imagine Chester screaming
Linkin Park to do a Bond song

What film would you like to see them do a sound track to?


Tag anyone I missed


Power Rangers died after SPD :confused:

also *hear

Ummm, tbh I can’t think of a film off the top of my head but F&F might go well with early LP.


Any film as long as Mike is scoring it on his own. The rest don’t know how that works, look what happened with The Mall.


Yeh typo

It would be cool to see a new song
You know like New Divide on Transformers 2
So a non-album song JUST for a soundtrack


I’m not going to talk about a future movie but a past movie.
I’d really like a LP song for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992), the one with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. In that movie there’s darkness, there’s riot, there’s mystery: I love it and I think that one of their songs would fit perfectly in the soundtrack.


I think a new season of Samurai Jack would be great with LP soundtrack))


Or when Dragon Ball Super finally hits overseas
Would be awesome if they did a theme song for that :joy::joy::joy::joy:


If they made a Green Arrow movie that would be cool! I would have loved it if they made the soundtrack for Suicide Squad too


And yes


I just realized we’re talking soundtracks and not scoring a film. Well, I still believe it’s not something they’d do again seeing they were bored/too busy/not interested in doing the 2nd song for Transformers 3 (or 2, don’t remember). But if I had to guess, I’d say an action or horror movie, I don’t think their stuff would fit in a different genre.


Don’t know about that
Got to remember Points Of Authority appeared in Little Nicky (even for a few seconds (comedy)
And One Step Closer was used in Dracula 2000 (apparently a horror)
I think it depends on the song to be honest


Given up was used in RED 2

LOATR made it into the Twilight credits :confused:

Powerless was at the end of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter as well


They could make a theme for a lovestory :innocent:


I think a love story too! 50 first dates would have been a good one.