What got you hooked on LP


What was the first Linkin Park song that you heard? and more importantly what song caused you do become the fan that you are today?

my first LP song that I heard was In the End
but the song that really made me the fan I am today is Shadow of the Day


I first heard Crawling from a cousin’s CD when I was like 9-10 years old. It got stuck in my head, along with In The End. These two were the standout and definite tracks that started my fandom of Linkin Park.


Mine was Crawling and it was on the radio.
At that time I was becoming a little older like “teen years” lol.
There was just something about Linkin Park that stuck with me, they where heavy and rappy at the same time. When I listen to them they just put me in a good mood! I can’t wait to hear their new album and see what direction they are taking it in :slight_smile:


im not sure but i think it was a music video on tv
then someone on the internet gave me link to the piano version of pushing me away
which i still find fkin beautiful

i actually cant remember exactly how i got into their music so much
but it actually took me pretty long to become a huge fan
now im just obsessed and fangirling everytime i see a new video or stuff you know :smiley:

silly thing is, when i was younger i would of said ‘‘ew’’ to their music because back then i didnt like rock music lol

now … i cant live without their music


One Step Closer was first song I heard in Walmart even playing the music video, Crawling let me knew they were the best in the world.


Well, I loved the music, but I think it was more their energy at concerts that was most compelling to me. My friend begged me to go to Summer Sanitarium with her and I couldn’t tell you anything about any other band’s sets…I only remember Linkin Park. That got me hooked, and then I watched Frat Party and loved how dorky they were in real life and I’ve loved them ever since.


haha when i was young my teacher showed my class the music video of in the end and it got stuck in my head forever:D


In The End.


Hate to be cliche… but In The End on the radio. I just had never heard anything like it before. Melodic, yet hard, with a rapping style that was so easy to listen to. And lyrics that actually resonated with me. I played the hell out of Hybrid Theory. I’ve never come across another band that I can listen to as much as LP. I feel like every one of their albums has grown up along with me. Just amazing.



I remember hearing them around the time I was 12-13 years old, hating it. Back then I was more into Britney Spears and NSync, lol.

By the time I was 14-ish, I heard In The End, and liked it a lot, but was still kind of on the fence about them. At the time I was being bullied a lot in school and could just relate a little too much to OSC & Crawling. Those two songs literally saved my life when I was 15, and since then I’ve been completely obsessed with them.


it would be One Step closer! it was exactly how i was feeling at the time. i loved every song i would hear on mtv. i guess i could relate their music becaz it was how i felt inside behind a veil of silence and fake smiles. at least my relationship with my family. that would every song on their first album. but best describe in the song Numb. the video of the girl with her mom mirror my own.

and with every new cd there always one song that always seeme to speak to me.

i just i had their music back in elementary school! i would have been screaming out one step closer every day!



my friend pat got me to listen to in the end and i was band is really so search that song up on the internet and its from the band called linkin park i said to myself this band to really cool and that’s i became a fan so in the end was my favorite before now my favorite one now is from there burn it down from their new album


I hadn’t heard anything (don’t know how,OSC was played on kroq quite a bit). they ended up playing at the kroq acoustic Xmas show in 2000 (I was there to see no doubt mainly), and saw LP and fell in love. bought the first album and immediately joined LPU and have been a member since, except for 9.
they are amazing musicians and seem like amazing people. I love that when they gave out a ticket to their show at the wiltern back in 03, mile went down the front row and shook EVERYONE’S hand. even though LP gave us that ticket to the show, he was that appreciative. still a stand out memory for me! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to see them and do a meet & greet. they’re awesome!!


my cousin introduced me to LP when I was around 10, points of authority did it for me. Hybrid Theory was the first CD i ever bought in my life. props LP