What grinds your gears?


Awww, thanx - that’s a good hint- I didn’t knew it slows the mobile down- :woman_facepalming:t2: closed them now and hope it helps - thanx Frammy @framos1792 :blush:


Also what model is your phone? That’s likely what’s happening, you’re asking a puny phone processor to work with all the apps open as if it were a decent PC.


my internet/wifi has been janky the past week and a half. ugh. guess i better call the company tomorrow.


Me going to a water park and being in the sun all day and me being stupid forgot to put on Sun screen :sweat_smile: now I have 3 degree burns all over but that’s what you get staying in The Sun all day with no Sun screen hey at least I don’t look pale anymore :sweat_smile:


Working on a word document when my computer finally decided to shut down…leading to deleting the whole process i made


And this is why I save after every paragraph or when there’s a long pause when I zone out or am thinking.


I like to use Google Docs for papers because it automatically saves your document every 3-4 minutes to your Google Drive.


ahhh nice to know


Ppl creating topics, deleting the posts within and changing the content of the OP to nonsense- just to set off almost exactly the same topic again one day later- :woman_facepalming:t2:

what is this please? If you made a topic by mistake - then either use it by edit for what you like to say - or call the mods to close it. To me it appears like seeking for attention…

that’s pointless and spam- sorry guys- I couldn’t resist…


What grinds my gears??? My dumb as nails sister in law. My brother’s family moved to Oklahoma 2 years ago. Right now, he’s up here in Illinois for work. He told her she could LOOK around for a new (used) car. But what does she do? She gets one…behind his back. He was pissed. He’s up here working his butt off and she pulls this… Jesus. :rage::rage::rage:


There’s a kid screaming “ice cream! I love ice cream!” that I’m about to murder if they don’t sh*t up soon.


LMAO :joy:


They’ve been at it for the last 10min, I swear.


Speaking of, I think I’ll go get an ice cream, I saw my parents had bought some earlier today. :joy:


Oh… you wouldn’t have liked me as a kid :joy:


My school lol.


I haven’t slept in 4 days and today is my only day off and was hoping to finally get some rest but my neighbours decided to redo their roof starting at freaking 6:30am and not caring about the rest of the world. I was in the verge of tears, seriously. I am so tired.


Erf! I hate that kind of people who don’t think about the impact of their actions. :confused: Maybe go buy earplug?


I don’t even think it’s worth it. I’m unable to sleep in this heat anyway…


That’s only disgusting… sending you strength- :hugs::muscle:t2: - headphones :headphones:? Going out? Sitting in a quite park?