What grinds your gears?


:frowning: Stay strong!! :muscle:


I think I’m done with my job. I put too much into it and people don’t appreciate it but instead take it for granted and use it for their advantage. These last few days have been horrible, I’m this close to calling it quits.


A spider threatened me


You might as well, from all the posts you’ve been making, it doesn’t sound like a good place. Go find a better job, there’s bound to be one.


I’ve got banned on the Polish vege group because I can’t understand why some vegetarians have to eat somethink that taste like meet:

I wrote that I don’t understand the idea of something made from veggies have to taste like meat :joy::joy::joy:

So moderathor tell me that I’m really rude and I laughing about someones meal?


Tell me I’m not rude! :joy::joy::upside_down_face:

EDIT: For example store bought seitan is unhealty


@evooba I agreed with @the_termin8r … try to find anorher job and when you do, quit this one! :muscle: :hugs:

Awww! You’re not! :grin:


Thank you! :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some people are too fragile… I’m wondering what will happened if I write that seitan tastes like feet


Personnaly i’m not vegetarian because i don’t like meat. I’m vegetarian because i don’t want to kill anymore living species when i can eat something else. So i like seitan (when it’s well cooked) because it tastes like chicken and i like chicken meat.:blush:

And yes, seitan, tofu and else are not healthy if you eat them everyday. One time per week it’s fine. :grin:


Umm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I like chicken meat but i don’t eat chicken meat anymore. :grin:


Ah, though I’d like to point out, animals are renewable food. All the dead stuff in shops is bred and killed with the specific purpose of being food, you’re not really decreasing species population by eating it as it’s constantly regenerated to keep up with demand.


Yes I know, but there are some bad methods in the breeding industry and I don’t want to be part of that in any way. And for the fishes, they don’t always do breeding and maybe some species are going to disapear (like salmon, tuna…).


That’s fine by me, just don’t come to my house for lunch or dinner. :joy:


Yes! if you made seitan by yourself it’s better :+1:t5: I taste it once or twice because that kind of stuff just not convinced me especially in stores when you can buy so called “meet” in canes ,for me that kind of meals are for peoples who eat meat and want to varied they diet.


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I have no view on this.


Did I just get a notification for something that is 12 days old or did you edit something?


I edited a typo, forum glitched on me, wanted to scroll up a couple of post and it sent me to that one. Ended up spotting a typo.


I got the same notification


It’s because of the quotes.