What grinds your gears?


What post?


Those 6-7 glasses of mostly coke at dinner were a bad idea. Still can’t get to sleep and I have to wake up at 07:00. :joy: :expressionless: :man_facepalming:


I didn’t fall asleep before 1am either. But I feel
Hyper instead of tired lol


I only got about 4h. Fell asleep after 0200. I’m pretty sure I’m running on yesterday’s caffeine. I was tired this morning, now I’m neutral.


Ouch. You must have been near short circuit :joy:


I’ve got student ambassador training for 5 bloody hours tomorrow. :expressionless:


when someone says they are coming over to hang out and never show and make up excuses to why they didn’t show instead of texting and telling you why or telling they can’t come and they’ll make it up to ya.


When someone asked you the same question you have already answer about 3 time stop asking me the same question all over again.


This sounds like my 40 something year old cousin when she asks me to go somewhere with her. Every time I say no she keeps asking and it’s annoying.


I had a friend that did the same thing. Its pretty much that they want to have their way all the time, even though that’s not how life works lol.


I’m having such a bad start to the day! I went to my bus stop only to find out it is closed (even though I did see a bus stop there earlier) so because it was still early, I walked to the next one instead of taking the tube. The bus came and never stopped!! I starting running to the next one (obviously didn’t catch the bus) so I waited for yet another one. I asked the driver what’s going on and he told me the other stop was closed too even though I said it wasn’t mentioned. And now, I am freaking stuck in horrible traffic, I need to be at work in 5min :frowning:


:scream: :triumph: why not putting an advice/sign/whatever to let people know?? Stay strong! :muscle: hope you’ll be in time!


If the traffic is that bad you stand a better chance if you just got off and walked it.


Was 10min late even though I did get off and walked but managed to open on time so that was good.


Oh no! Sending you loads of strength @evooba and I hope the rest of the day is awesome. I’m glad you opened on time. Take a deep breath, everything will be ok :slight_smile:


Getting yelled at by my boyfriend he yelled at me because i asked hem to do something for his mom and he call me yelling and tell me off about something was for his mom so I got piss of and i yelled back and hand the phone to his mom


When hardware store websites don’t provide technical diagrams with dimensions of products. :expressionless:


My parents scraped this out of the freezer earlier.


So, there is a middle/high school near my work and some of the kids tend to come ti our work place (it is within a building with other offices/rooms that are open for bookings) and chill at the couches and all that. Generally, I don’t mind BUT these f*cking kids (aged 12-13), the same ones, every freaking afternoon trash the entire place and run around cause they think it’s funny and don’t respect anyone or anything. We literally have to chase them every time in order to lock and leave.

Today, 2min after we closed, this girl with her friends comes in crying histerically, I panicked. She was having a panic attack and her friends told me that those kids were chasing them all around trying to light a firework in their faces. Like, WHO THE F*CK DOES THAT? The kids were so scared, they told me it’s happening every other day or so. I got so upset… and then the little bastard tried coming in with the firework to scare them again and I went up to him, grabbed him and took him out and told him he’s a bully and should be ashamed of himself. He was laughing and trying to get past me to get inside. The girl was still terrified, we ended up calling the police. The kids unfortunately managed to escape but we got them on CCTV and will be calling their school tomorrow so they can notify the parents.

I swear, what’s wrong with some kids? How can they think it’s funny to bully people? Ugh…
(i’m sorry for the long post, had to rant)


You did well calling the police!! :muscle: :angry:

Exactly?! :angry: