What grinds your gears?


This is horrible! Kids can be such monsters. Keep your head up @evooba you are doing an amazing job. The girls and their families will never forget this. You Made Chester Proud today (I know you always do , but you did even more so today)


So far this what’s happening. The car broke down and i had to call off work then i get to work on Thursday morning then . I found out that i have to walk from my mother in law house to the bus stop that 40 min away . It a 2 hours walk to my house. I live penns grove NJ . It so hard to get anywhere without a car. But I’ll walk anywhere to get to work. I need my job . What made me mad it that im the only one working


The disrespect, ignorance, and the stupidity of people
Especially the people at my school


My phone is a destroyer of pockets. I just found a hole in my new-ish trousers. It ripped a hole in my last shorts too. It’s too bloody big.


Cough cough it’s too rough in comparison to the sleek iPhone :roll_eyes::innocent::joy:


That sucks!


No, it’s just enormous. I have to keep it in a different pocket. I actually have the perfectly sized pocket, but my keys and usb are in there already, so it will be the next best pocket. The one containing my bag of many napkins.


We were supposed to be launching rockets today with BRES (the society I’m part of in uni), but it got called off because of the weather and timing. We had it planned for 15:00, but sunset was at about 16:00 and we’re not allowed to launch in the dark or past sunset. I’m kind of annoyed because a lecturer jokingly challenged us to shoot him out of the sky as he was flying over in a light aircarft. :joy:


“What did you do today at school?” “Oh you know, just launching rockets…”


They’re only small models.


I got a stupid email saying that I will get a call when school starts back up from thanksgiving break like we don’t know what days we had off and what days we had school


I fucking loathe being sick, it always hits me hard and fast. Yesterday, for the majority of the day I was fine, then in the afternoon my throat was a little irritated. By early evening my throat was killing me, my head was pounding and I was dizzy, but most annoyingly (and probably funnily) is that my nose essentially exploded. :joy:

It was blocked, but I didn’t know blocked it was, so I tried inhaling slowly only to get a sharp jab in the nostril (like strong mustard or wasabi, but worse), realised it was a bad idea and stopped. Then about 2 mins later I look down at my desk to see a small puddle of blood. The first thought / emotion that flashed across my mind was exasperation. I’m fed up of randomly bleeding on things in front of me. I did the mandatory hand and face check and realised it was my nose. I spent the evening wiping bloodied snot off of my nose. Put some nasal spray in before I went to bed, only to find that it burned like a motherfucker, so if you heard a loud growling of agony at around 02:00 GMT, it was me. :joy: And then in the morning I woke up with blood on my pillow and a nostril blocked with blood. :joy:

Spent the day freezing my arse off despite wearing a vest, shirt, jumper and thick winter coat in heated rooms. Yes, you read that right, I was freezing. Spent most of the day sounding like an idiot, trying not to pass out in lectures and looking like a zombie. I’m in for another rough night and tomorrow won’t be much better. :expressionless:


Sending you strength


That bad?! Wow :confused: Hope you feel better soon!


Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, even by my standards, it was my second ever nose bleed.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Feel better soon


I hppe you’ll feel better soon! :pray:


Sit rep:

It’s worse than yesterday, a high temp can now also be added to the list as well as very strong and consecutive sneezes that risk making my nose explode with blood again if I don’t channel 100% of them through my mouth.

Oh and about 80% of me thinks that I might have blacked out half an hour ago. Either that or I fell into a deep sleep suddenly. I remember waking up when my mum came into my room, then nothing and then my mum shaking me and almost shouting at me to wake me up 30 mins later.

EDIT (12:51): I’m feeling slightly better than this morning, I can actually move now. I’ve also noticed that my hearing is going, I’m not hearing low frequencies as well as usual.


Oh no! I’m so sorry - I hope you will get well soon @the_termin8r !


Sorry to hear… :cold_sweat: Get well soon and get some rest!! :muscle: