What grinds your gears?


This is horrible! Kids can be such monsters. Keep your head up @evooba you are doing an amazing job. The girls and their families will never forget this. You Made Chester Proud today (I know you always do , but you did even more so today)


So far this what’s happening. The car broke down and i had to call off work then i get to work on Thursday morning then . I found out that i have to walk from my mother in law house to the bus stop that 40 min away . It a 2 hours walk to my house. I live penns grove NJ . It so hard to get anywhere without a car. But I’ll walk anywhere to get to work. I need my job . What made me mad it that im the only one working


The disrespect, ignorance, and the stupidity of people
Especially the people at my school


My phone is a destroyer of pockets. I just found a hole in my new-ish trousers. It ripped a hole in my last shorts too. It’s too bloody big.


Cough cough it’s too rough in comparison to the sleek iPhone :roll_eyes::innocent::joy:


That sucks!


No, it’s just enormous. I have to keep it in a different pocket. I actually have the perfectly sized pocket, but my keys and usb are in there already, so it will be the next best pocket. The one containing my bag of many napkins.