What grinds your gears?


I hope you’ll get well soon


Oh no that sounds horrible! I’m glad you’re better! Be careful with your ears @the_termin8r. If it doesn’t get better within 2 weeks see a doctor. Have you seen a doctor yet?


It’s not that bad, kind of like they’re permenantly ‘popped’.

:joy: Of course not, and I don’t plan to. My faimily is stubborn like that, we don’t tend to go to the doctors, even if one of us is literally dying (and that’s been the case in the past :stuck_out_tongue: ).


That’s awful

I hope yo feel better soon


This is so me! :stuck_out_tongue:


haha! I know how that is. The reason I am saying this is because sometimes it can be permanent if it is not sorted within the two week window. So just be careful!


Finally, someone who understands.


Wishing you a speedy recovery :slight_smile:


Get well soon…


With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to function tomorrow, I can’t afford to miss it. As for now, I just remembered that I have to write an assignment due at midnight. :expressionless:


Sending you strength :muscle:t2: And I know you get it done :white_check_mark:


Haha. I hardly go to doctors either.


The coughing phase is nearing its dawn, hopefully the nose will ease up soon. My ears are still on strike and my temperature is fluctuating. I reckon my worst enemy this time is that I have to wake up at 07:00 every day this week. Meaning I only get about 5h of sleep per night.


Nice to hear you’re getting better! A little at a time and you’ll be perfectly fine soon! :muscle:


Fullscreen direct grinds my gears…


What happened ?


Aren’t they known for having iffy customer service?


short: they separated my order in 2…then i wrote them a couple times that they please send all together in january and when i finally thought they understood, i got an email that said that one part is shipped already


Kind of sucks :confused: But they don’t have the best customer service to be honest.


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