What grinds your gears?


:joy: :joy: :rofl: What a pity I can like your post only one time… :grin:


BF is always BS, the discounts are on the crap nobody wants 90% of the time. I remember a couple of years ago when there were stampedes, riots and deaths at supermarkets because of it.


I ordered some stuff on Amazon and they split the order in THREE packages even though I chose the option with merging them all in one, only for them to freaking ship all 3 of them today at the same time. Like, f*ck logic! What’s wrong with them?!


Sorry, I don’t know why, but I find your annoyance at this quite funny. :joy: Do you pay extra if they send them separately?


No, shipping is free but it just doesn’t make sense.


Its times like this that I wonder if they do this on purpose just to piss people off.


Hella late lol but they separate it according to what they’re shipping out at the moment when orders pick up as bad as it does this time of year, it’s easier to ship all of same kind as they go vs going in to look for items and packaging them together :man_shrugging: makes sense for them from time efficiency standpoint

  1. That feeling when you’re walking past the labs of all the other engineering disciplines in uni and see all the cool stuff they have, then you walk into the electronics lab and it’s just a load of empty desks with oscilloscopes and multimeters above them.

  2. Chopsticks, I feel like they exist for the single purpose of annoying you and ruining the mood so that you can’t enjoy your food. They’re just an exercise in tolerance and patience.


A new Chronicle of misery? :wink:


No, those two lines are literally all I have to say on chopsticks.


I walked an 11 minute mile because of the trains…again! Checked the lines before I left the house, all was fine, the live update screen they had at the station said all was fine. I get to the platform, look at the timing board…next train in 18 mins. I thought it was a mistake, so I checked my phone…‘good service on the metropolitan line’. FUCK YOU TO HELL TFL! In what world is the train coming in 18 fucking minutes not considered a delay? :rage:

I meant it hyperbolically before when I said that there needs to be at least a 20 min delay for them to call it minor, now I’m not so sure, I think I accidentally nailed their definition of a minor delay. Anyway, I ended up being 6 mins late, but the lect hadn’t started and the teacher knows me.


Nice to hear! At least this…


Fixing a messed up sleep pattern, it’s 03:00 and I’m still wide awake. :expressionless:


Ha i been having a bad pattern lately as well :sweat_smile:


I’m not as bad as my friend though, last week one of our lecturers actually got concerned because he looked like crap.


Have u ever been accidentally billed multiple times? I was freaking triple billed (Pat said that they swipe multiple times when there’s connection problem with the terminal), and since it wasn’t a credit card, it was deducted directly from my account. I only found out recently that I was triple billed. I should’ve paid in cash instead, if I had known this would happen.


Don’t you look at the receipt?


Yes, it only printed out one transaction, after they tried swiping my card a few times.


I see, was it a lot of money? I.e. Is it worth the faff of trying to get it back?


Having to bodge the bodge of my ceiling…at 01:30 with what I could find in my recycling bin, because the fucking retard of a builder that the landlord hired doesn’t know how to do his bloody job. A Pringles can has now been added.