What grinds your gears?


Lol! Truly fits the trust-me-I’m-an-engineer stereotype :smile:


Lol, the first time I posted a pic, I said “trust me, I’m an engineer.”


People who tell other people to smile. It is usually random older men who do this.

I find it very invasive especially when they don’t know what the person they are telling to smile is going through. I understand they have positive intentions, but it’s still annoying.


A similar thing happened to me years ago, when the transaction of sending happened twice (couldn’t cancel, it didn’t allow me to) (Years ago when I checked, it showed the double transaction of -0,0100 BTC and -0,01003583 BTC, but now it only shows the -0,0100 BTC transaction, with 0,00003583 BTC still unaccounted for.)

All dates are from 2015 (This discrepancy is why I stopped using it years ago):

The extra €1,46 you see now is from BCH:

I should’ve went to check how much I had in fiat currency around this time last year:


Wow, what are you doing with these bitcoins? I only heard a while back that their value is getting higher and higher, so called internet-gold …


That was years back, and it was a small amount (still is)


I still don’t get the point of bitcoin.


I have no idea… didn’t even know what to buy or where to get them :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:- but some analysts suggest it as an- definitely risky- investment


As usual, none of you are addressing what I’m actually addressing…


I saw what you’re addressing, I just have nothing to add to it.


I try to tell my boyfriend that i don’t like it when he drinks but everytime i do he tell me that it not like he do it all the time but i let hem know how it affects me n. But he doesn’t care . But it. Piss me off when he do whatever he wants and act like it me


It’s a digital currency that’s not controlled by any organisation or government. It’s completely open source as well, so developers can work on it freely.

I believe you have to sign up to online platforms in order to purchase them. It’s risky, as are all forms of investmenting (in stocks). I don’t have experience myself but if you wanna try bitcoin, you should definitely explore the way it works and economic theories and such.

I’m sorry to hear that, but I think that’s very wrong of him. Perhaps you should tell him that you’ll take further actions if he doesn’t want to change.


My mum recently bought one of those idiotic “Himalyan” salt lamps and it’s driving me up the wall. If she’d just bought it as a decorative knick-knack I wouldn’t mind it, but she bought it because she believes all the bullshit written on the box. First off, it’s not from the blasted Himalayas, it’s a block of mostly salt, a bit of rust and some other bits and pieces that has been mined in Pakistan some 200 miles away from the Himalayas.

The most annoying thing though is that they claim it can purify air, help you sleep better, reduce stress and make you live forever reduce allergies. It’s ironic I think, that thing has been sitting in the living room since yesterday afternoon and it has done nothing but piss me off and flare my allergies up, because I’m violently allergic to bullshit :joy:, but I digress.

The main reason my mum bought the lamp (in her words) is for it to deodourise the living room. That is total bullshit, the lamp can’t do anything. Yes, salt has the ability to absorb a bit of moisture, but that’s usually in granulated form where the surface area to volume ratio is big, and even then, it can’t absorb that much moisture before it gets saturated. In the case of the lamp, it’s a massive block of hard-packed and probably processed salt with a small surface area to volume ratio, it can’t absorb shit.

Let’s hypothetically say that it can absorb moisture, how long before it gets saturated, stops taking in moisture and starts outputting it instead as the bulb inside heats the thing up and the mositure evaporates? Then there’s the fact that it absorbs moisture, not odour, not 100% of odour is contained within the water molecules in the air.

My mum basically bought 3kg of snake oil. I don’t even know why this has pissed me off so badly.


What a rant man- that’s a No. 11 for COM :joy::joy: … I agree in all points but I rofl :rofl: here while imagine your speech- flowing out of you without that you even breath between the sentences - and let’s be honest: beliving can move mountains… that lamp thing goes under this capture imo - still it’s one of the best rants you ever posted :joy:


I told her about the Pakistani salt mine not actually being in the Himalayas and she was in denial. :joy: It’s typical of her every time someone proves her wrong. LMAO


Are you fucking me with this shit right now?


I had to deal with FSD today, yet another order I unfortunately had to ask a refund for. I wonder when and if the HQ is going to function under a better company.


Tech at it again :joy:


I had to redownload the blasted desktop app, open it there and then select chrome player from the channel option.


Update: FSD is pissing me off even more. Refusing to refund my item claiming it’s not their fault but the delivery’s company (Delivery company has no idea about the package by the way). What a great customer service. I guess I won’t be getting any more merch in the future.