What grinds your gears?


It has been 3 weeks since i have asked for a rise at work. I have been a long time since i Call off . I need a rise to. Make ends met


Get in touch with paypal, they’ll sort it out.


Why PayPal?


Didn’t you pay with paypal?


No, I’ve never used it.


Right, get in touch with your bank then.


But if they don’t refund it what can the bank do? The money’s out already.


The money’s out, but you haven’t received what you paid for and the person (in this case, company) you paid isn’t giving your money back, so the bank is the next level you go to, especially if you used a credit card.


I’ll see, I’ll probably email HQ as well.


It’s worth a try, you don’t have anything to lose in getting in contact.


I hope you get it


Quick update on the salt lamp. My mum made a comment the other day of how the xmas tree still had a strong smell. Took the opportunity to do some mild trolling, I told her that this is proof that the lamp is BS. She said the lamp only takes away the ‘bad’ smells :man_facepalming: :joy: . So apparently this magical lamp is now sentient and can distinguish between good and bad and has the exact same definitions of good and bad as my mum. LMAO


Welcome to the century XXI :joy: objects can distinguish between good and bad and human not :joy:


@IronSoldier16 Also never underestimate the power of mother’s logic, they’ll prove you wrong :joy:


My mum’s logic drives me batshit crazy sometimes. Like, for example I was talking laptops with her recently because my sister got a new one. My mum knows exactly nothing about tech, yet she still argues how Macbooks are better because they look better. Given the choice between a Macbook that costs £X or a laptop of any other brand that costs the same, but is objectively better (better components, hardware, etc…), she would still go for the Macbook just because it looks better.


I’d like to see two moms discussing about the same subject, who would win? :joy:


I’d be running for the hills.


Are you still up?!


Working 6 to 7 day’s without a day off and do everyone else work and nobody say thanks . My boss is a good person but he always asks me to do things for hem that not my job. It gets on my nerves and when i told hem. That i need my break to relax not to work when other play around


What I’ve learnt from my work is, the nicer you are the more you are expected to give from your superiors. One of my main weaknesses is that I always look out for people and I care for things that I shouldn’t, that always leads to others taking advantage of you. We just need to learn to say no.