What grinds your gears?


They said they’d send another one and would email me with tracking info but I’m still waiting.


Don’t let them piss about with you for too long.


No, if they don’t reply with the info this time I will ask for the refund.


Picking a dissertation topic that was programming heavy. :expressionless:


People who do this:

Why is it almost always the women that take up the extra seats with their bags? To balance that out (before someone gets triggered), it seems to be mostly men that put their feet up on the seat opposite.


I HATE this. It happens to me like at least 3 times a week on the bus on my way to work. It’s both men and women but please, it’s busy and you’re taking up space!

Also, when people don’t give up their spot from the priority seats to people that actually need to sit down. Ugh!



I don’t do that, at least not to that extreme and when somebody sits down next to me I compact myself to the point of discomfort because I’m big and there’s usually two small people next to me so I try not to crush them.



Omg! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :angry:


Why do people do this

It’s messed up


The second pic is clearly fake.


For women, I think it’s to set a boundary for guys that’ll try to go up to them, no?


That is one paranoid woman then, the train was pretty much full as well.


Just to give you an idea


When it’s super cold out And you’re heat stopped working


runny nose.


LOL! I’d be laughing out loud if I came across this in real life


I may laugh out loud but my eyes and nose are crying


Guys don’t forget that some people might have invisible illnesses that require them to sit. Someone who has joint problems but don’t need a walking stick. Or even someone who is diabetic and has an episode of low sugars. After an hour the person could be running, but at that time they would require to sit, or end up passing out/falling. Many people might look fine, but still need to sit.

That being said, I do agree that some people don’t get up just for the sake of not getting up :joy: