What Happened To Me Made Me Realise The Frailty Of Life


Samuel, good to hear from you! How are you doing? :hugs: hugs :hugs:


Wow so sorry you went through this. I’m glad too you are still here. Sending you strength for a good recovery. :muscle::muscle::muscle::hugs:


I am sorry, it’s really devastating. I hope you will get better sooner​:blush::grin: Stay strong!:blush:


Thanks for sharing your story with us. Are you in your 30’s? I can tell you that the office chair can and will kill you. There are many articles out there that suggest the modern day office chair is worse for you than smoking is. You must get up every hour and walk around, do cardio type exercising at least 3 times a week, and drink more water than you actually want to. Cardiovascular disease is no joke. I wonder, did you have any preliminary signs in the weeks or months leading up to the heart attack? Glad you made it through this!!


Oh Wow! Sending thoughts for a good and strong recovery!!


So thankful that you are still with us. Much love to you. :heart:


OMG OMG Sam! :scream: I’m so glad you’re still with us! Hope you’ll get well soon!! I can imagine the thought: how will everybody feel when I’m gone? Lucky you’re still with us!!!

And yes, office chairs are a killing machine these days, basically what @marcusarelius says. You have to get out there, enjoy some trip into the nature every weekend, exercise, drink 3l per day… It’s difficult but it’s gonna make you better in time :slight_smile: I hope it’s your last and also that it taught you to value and enjoy every little thing in your life :hugs:


Stay strong man! Take care of yourself! <3


Happy birthday Samuel! :birthday:
What about your health? I hope you are feeling better :hugs: