What hobbies do you have?



just to get each other know better (and bc I’m bored and feeling lonely): What hobbies do you have? Wheather related to music/art in general or not…

(I hope this doesn’t already exist, but I searched…).


I go to work and have three children and two dogs. unfortunately I don´t have much time for hobbies. Sometimes I meet friends. I listening to music in every free minute and in the evening I like to read. And once a year I try to visit a concert. I enjoy a lp-concert more than three weeks Caribbean. LP-concerts are better than holidays :smile:


I study and teach english in Beijing, i like to work out but i havent lately because im fucking lazy, i love to talk to strangers, walk around and videogames, lately i been playing Heros of the Storm, and i travel as much as i can :smiley:


I always listen to music, especially the LP and I also love to cook, I like to learn to cook foods from various countries…


I am into photography. I have 35mm, 300mm and wide lens


books, travel & outdoor sports! That’s the list when you exclude rock music :smiley:


Music. It has become my life basically… I play and listen at least 3 hours a day and I’m a guitar geek. I also collect live footage of my favorite bands and turn them into dvds. Is that weird?
I used to play basketball when I was still in school but stopped eventually. I do folllow the NBA though and sometimes a few European leagues (but they’re not as fun and exciting as the NBA).

Other than that, I enjoy reading a lot. I like traveling too but it’s been a while since I last went somewhere new.


playing dota:)


Me too. I like Photography a lot too. Unfortunatly I had very little time the last years to do this hobby (and I only started 2011 I think, so…). But it is a very nice hobby, I enjoy it a lot when I do it.

I also buyed 2 books on how to make videos last week because I want to learn that. I don’t have much knowledge on that yet, obviously. But I think with video it might be possible to express more or different things than with photography. So I want to try that out.


Another interest of mine is philosophy (recently specifically the philsophy of science). I organized a “Philosophy of Science” club at the instiute were I work. The first meeting was today and it went well, lots of interest :). (Was really difficult for me though, because I hate speaking but it was worth it. And I will hopefully learn.)


I do website stuff, collect video games, and somewhat make small video games


I’m making music non-stop, so that’s a big part of my life.
I like to play all the instruments I get in touch with like banjo, piano and all kinds of percussion but I’m really into drumming and acoustic guitars.
If you would like to support me, here’s the latest music piece from me:


I love read, learn, photography and make bubbles. And also i love spend times with my 5 years old son. We make creative art together and listen to Linkin Park :slight_smile:


I love drawing Calvin and hobbes comics or seeing YouTube videos of all the stuff I’ll never cook and all the exercises I’ll never do



@bhavika My son’s name is Calvin because i’m fan of Calvin et Hobbes since 17 years :wink:


@bhavika well, you can cook us something you have learned from youtube. We are hungry :smiley:


I spend a lot of time with my friends. When I’m not goofing around with them, I’m drawing and painting and what not. I also enjoy long-distance running and music. And I play video games, mostly Skyrim :smile:


Hi Ripe, I also do running :). It is a nice sport. The longest distance I’ve done is 26.2 km in June. It was a very, very nice experience, the greatest day for a very long time (I wasn’t fast or anyting but I felt free during running… it was a trail and it was at night and it was raining and there was a thuderstorm nearby… might not sound that great, but it was! Probably bc I was hearing to LP the hole time :)). But unfortunately I get injuries easily from running.



Funny thing, I can relate to everything you just said, Tweek : D