What is for you the best live performace? One song, not all concert :)


Your Favorite LP song Performance Live on Video!

Actually all songs. I can’t choose one :smiley:


Bleed it out w/ Sabotage


And how they do Bleed it out with Catalyst is perfect too :slight_smile:


old, but i still love this live performance from breaking the habit :blush:


which year is it?


2007 new york webster hall :wink:


2004 in general is one of my favorite Linkin Park years, but I really love this performance of Faint from Rock AM Ring 2007, everybody was on their A-game that night.

Another great performance that’s a real standout for me is Yesternumb



Yeah combination Yesterday and Numb is amazing :blush:


Your post has a lot of awesomeness attached to it. Even though i have actually seen all the videos at some point of time, I feel good today. First of all, subtitling songs will always be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: Second, seeing Chester all suited up. Haha. that’s actually amazing. Third, i think RAR2004 was way good,and thus I will redirect you to this awesome piece from the show


Fallout + The Catalyst (Red Square 2011)

Faint (Wroclaw 2014) (1:05:16-1:09:00)
Bleed it Out (Wroclaw 2014) (1:28:59-1:36:16 [1:33:48-1:34:40 !!!])


I melt everytime I watch “LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST” Road To Revolution Tour at Milton Keynes. Also, “ROLLING IN THE DEEP” live at the I-TUNES FESTIVAL.


Good memories!! And everyone said they wouldn´t last!!


I miss Figure.09 live from meteora world tour


I have yet to see them live, but I’m most excited about seeing “The Catalyst” live. Just… when it gets to the 'lift me up, let me go" I’m gonna lose it! I can promise that there will be tears :wink:


They’ve stopped playing The Catalyst once they started touring for The Hunting Party. Now they (kind of like they do on A Thousand Suns), they perform parts of the song throughout the show (namely on the intro and occasionally on the bridge for Bleed It Out).


When you say intro, I am assuming the intro of the show and not “Bleed it out”. Right? Because I have seen them start shows with that, but never the song.
Also, I think ATS is probably the least played album of theirs in the shows especially because of the “structure” of the album. Even “Blackout” sounds really different in the album version, and the concert ones. I like the latter :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree 2004 and transformers movie opening in Moscow concert


The live performance of the M. Shinoda remix of Castle of Glass at their recent Englewood, CO show blew my mind.