What is the meaning of Linkin Park in your Life?


In my life when i was just 13yrs old first time i listening Linkin Park but when i was 16years old i was depression for my first Relation.then break up and i was lost my life then one day i watching linkin park song numb and then My life was change for ever.Linkin park gives me second Life. Hey friends share your thoughts, what is the meaning of Linkin Park in your Life ?


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When I was 9, I found Linkin Park.

The same year I was choked on school grounds. I reported the choker and had witnesses, but he wasn’t punished.

The next year I was beaten up by a student during PE, I blacked out and left in the burning sun. The teachers watched it happen and left me outside.

The next year, a student crushed my body on a locker. The teachers and students kept walking while I was screaming.

The same year, I beat up that student. He reported me. I wasn’t punished, even though they had me on camera.

No one was ever punished, not even me.


Linkin Park is simply the biggest reason I’m alive, I feel alive. I do not stay a day without listening and without fall in love again. It’s something that really is part of my life, almost 15 years!


lp means a lot to me. you can compare it with a friendship. bad mood, good mood, sadness, excitement … no matter how I feel, lp always has the right song for me. a day without lp? unimaginable to me. this is a love that began in 2001 and never ends :grin:


Same as me …


We get it… @samuel_the_leader they’re just not up to date
@Ryan_Grey i get the story about unpunished punishers but i don’t get the meaning of LP in your life…
And for me, that have been following their stories like almost everybody in here, i take their examples of standing still on hard times, basically they inspire me in quite a few things…


When First Listened To Linkin Park I Was 2 And It got me through some bad times and my first concert was when i was 6 when my friend left me in the 3rd grade after 3 years i felt like my heart was broken Linkin Park helped me through all that I want to thank Linkin Park for getting me through all those hard times


I first listened to Linkin Park when I was 11 and I loved them ever since.
No matter how I feel, Linkin Park is always the right choice, they cheer me up, they inspire me, they make me happy. I’ve been dealing with depression for quite a while now and whenever I’m at my worst listening to them gives me strength and hope and I feel a bit better.
The concerts I’ve been to were just amazing, I was so happy and I couldn’t believe it.


My Linkin park story:
I found then when i was around 11?..
The fist thing it did is that i learned english.
When i was around 13 a veryimportant person to my family and me died and a little before that my father left us.
For years, music was my best friend because i could not talk to anyone about what is inside of me, i had to help others to keep living.
I used to sit in my room and listen to meteora for hours and hours.
Their music grew with me, from fucked up child who was teased to a grown-up who thinks about the world problems.


This band in particular, (along with a few others), embodies a little island of respite in my life, which has been subject to tidal wave after tidal wave of depression. Depression which seems to only get worse as I get older. I’ve only been listening to them a for about three~four years, but Linkin Park is the kind of band that channels my distress and torment very effectively, even with just the sounds of their chord progressions and counterpoint. Further, their DIY, “normal people pursuing a hobby” approach to their work gives me the feeling that I can do as they do and release the pressures within my mind through my own music, which I’m about to start taking a lot more seriously thanks in large part to their influence.

I don’t know how the struggle in my mind is going to continue unfolding, and I don’t presume that I’m necessarily going to overcome anything or live a long life. Uncertainty and indifference plague me. However… I do know that music, such as what LP makes, tends to stabilize me. It’s one of the few things that helps me to tolerate existence. So I will continue to allow my being to exist in this universe for now, for better or for worse, to some end or no end.

That’s the meaning of Linkin Park relative to my particular life.