What is the most meaningful/lyrical LP songs?


The most meaningful songs to me are What Ive Done, Shadow of the Day, The Messenger, Leave Out all the Rest, Rebellion, Castle of Glass, and Not Alone. What are you guys most meaningful song choices from the guys?


From the Inside for me :slight_smile:


i think…numb and leave out all the rest


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i don’t have access to those topics…


For me, Easier to run, In pieces, Burning in the skies and Roads untraveled


also numb because like 13 years ago i lost someone really close to me and i used to listen numb alone and try to get myself back together. Also today when i hear numb i remeber my angel that is looking for me up high.


For me, Numb, Breaking the Habit, Castle of Glass, Final Masquerade, In Pieces or The Messenger.