What is up with Fullscreen Direct?


So, back in January I ordered an LPU Jersey and a beanie. I received my Jersey like 3 weeks later but my beanie wasn’t there. So I emailed customer support and asked them about the beanie. They said it was shipped to me in January and then marked the problem “solved”. I emailed them again telling them I had only received ONE of the TWO items I ordered. It’s been 2 months and they haven’t replied. I’m so frustrated!! I’ve emailed them 3 times now and they won’t get back to me. This is ridiculous. I’ve now asked them for a refund for the beanie and I still haven’t gotten a reply. What the heck?! I’m extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service in the LPU store. I always seem to run into issues when purchasing something off of here :smirk: Does anyone know if there’s a number for fullscreen direct? I’m tired of emailing and not getting any answers.


Get your bank / paypal (whichever you paid with) involved for a refund.


Perhaps you can try to ask them on Twitter or any other social media?


Unfortunately FSD is horrible at customer service. I’ve had a couple of issues with them myself over the years, and more recently with LPU17. It took me 3 months to finally get my missing items. What you can do is ask Lorenzo (either on Twitter or via email) to check for you, I’m sure he’ll be able to help. Just keep in mind that it’s Easter weekend and they might not check their social media/emails/whatever before Tuesday - Wednesday.


I asked Lorenzo but he’s probably extremely busy cus he hasn’t gotten back to me either LOL :smirk:


I think he will get back to you. Just have a little more patience, it’s Easter weekend like @evooba said


I bet he’s busy with everything Mike related as well. Try again after the Easter holidays maybe.


Lorenzo is probably your best bet at this point, but like the others said, he might be a little busy at the moment, so it might be another waiting game