What is you biggest regret in life


One of mine was I never saw a linkin park in show before the death of Chester but his music will live on forever


My biggest regret is illegal so I won’t say it lol


Speaking of illegal, I rode a bicycle on the road without a helmet once…yeah I’m a rebel


There are aparantly helmets that you wear around your neck ( looking much like a weird scarf) that blow up when it senses a fall to protect your noggin, I totes want to wear one and ride past the cop shop repeatedly to see what happens lol


It’s like drinking pepsi from a coca-cola glass.

Mine is being too soft through the whole life.


I regret the times that my ego was bigger than my feelings…


First time I misread lego instead of ego…


And giving away the huge bag of lego’s I had as a child is regrettable too :wink:


My biggest regrets is also not being able to see linkinpark and meeting chester. . That will be the best memories ever.


My biggest regret is making instagram and fb accounts. Although I deleted the instagram I need the fb because my uni society uses it :expressionless:.


You seem to be the happiest person here @the_termin8r


@the_termin8r It’s your lucky day ,you could join the fangirling group :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I am sure that this is the reason why you still have your fb account active :slight_smile:


Having the chance to book tickets for both Birmingham and Manchester shows, but only booking Manchester. Big fail.


My misery comes not from regret but from boredom. I tend not to dwell on the past.


Love someone I shouldn’t…


My whole life is my biggest regret. I regret not doing stuff when I was younger, I regret not sticking with friends but being a loner, I regret not getting meet and greet for LP in July. I regret that I am too scared to die and I couldn’t keep my promise of dying when I am back from NZ. I regret being me. I regret everything. I even regret eating this bag of chips I just had.


Is there anything we could say to help you not think that way? You’re enjoyable to talk to through the threads, you’re involved here, I think little by little a lot of things in life can change, the best years in your life are yet to come…

I agree with a number of things you wrote, in the same way in person and at times think in similar ways but that’s what life is about, learning from the mistakes and regrets we have and changing our present and future…


No, there is nothing you can say or do. I know my life. I am old, bitter person who had enough of life. I am fun to be around only online. i am boring and someone with zero personallity. My only achievment was to organise few London memorials. I am just little miss nobody. Nobody misses me when I’m gone, nobody even notices my absence. So you know…
But one day I will get a courage to do what I am planning to do. This day will come. And goodbye world. But I guess it won’t be now.


I guess is just my fear and my thoughts playing with me. I only know that I have to face up to defeat it (my fear). Yesterday was a chaotic day, I tell you for WA.

@rorybourdon I need to ask you something too, via WA.


i dont want to answer any questions to be honest