What is your 2018 Song?


Jason Mraz made new music?!


Yeeeees :crazy_face:
It came out like in August :smile:
The album is called know
It’s light and airy as usual :upside_down_face:

Have it all :smiley:

I like the live even better than the studio one :grimacing:


I will need to listen/pick up asap! Thanks!


Well a song to define a whole year???
That’s hard…
In the summer of 2018 i upgrade my Spotify account to premium, so, according to them, my most played song was… drum roll… I know I should be ashamed but it’s kind of a guilty pleasure… Back to you by selena gomez…:joy::joy::joy::joy:
But my second was lost in the echo (LP):v:

As off my choice, i choose from MS ghosts, running for my shadow and crossing a line.

I was/kind of addicted to Post Traumatic.
Since Chester’s death i was kind in denial and couldn’t listen to any LP song. It took like 6 months to listen Mike’s album. Only when i play it for like a million times i was able to listen to LP again…(not HT, meteora and MTM though…) Now I’m in the fanatic fase… I can only hear LP… Should i be concerned? I think i have a problem :joy:


by far Good Goodbye! :slight_smile:
dedicated to a whole life

but uumm… wait…this is so 2017 tho…
then i digged deeper to bleed it all out so,
Roads untraveled would be the hit that stuck with me a whole year!
This is why and you can see the whole story at the video “Grande Finale 1/3”
released in Jan 2018 as a start of a full playlist of videos.
This preview merely scratches the surface but should answer the question in hand! :stuck_out_tongue: