What is your favorite album of LP?


I like so much all their albums, but A Thousand Suns, is my favourite

I'm just wondering what is everyone favorite album from linkin park
What's your guy's favorite Linkin Park album
Linkin Park albums

Live In Texas, Old Times Rocks!




Hybrid Theory


Could be a bit more specific but my overall favorite is probably Reanimation. The mix of electronica, underground hip-hop and the raw unique sound of Chester’s vocals really speaks to me. Still cant beillve they havent done a true second remix album yet.


I like them all but Hybrid Theory is my favorite.


a lot of fans ask other fans this. but ur not a bad fan for saying u love all of them :3


minutes to midnight


hybrid theory and meteora!


I’m sorry but I have 3 that are equal: LT/Reanimation/ATS

I really can’t choose between them, there all equally awesome. And so are Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight, and I don’t mind Meteora and Collision Course, but I gotta say, my top 3 albums are just generally better than the other 4.




Hey, be careful with this question. If someone says something wrong… I don’t want even think. hahaha


Evn if i absolutely LOVE them all i can say that my favorite is REANIMATION!


A thousand suns -----------------------------


I love all the Albums, but I guess my fave is Meteora.


hybrid theory, always!!


Meteora, i see myself in every song


I love all of them but I guess Hybrid Theory is my favourite.


A Thousand Suns. It feels more like an “album” to me (much like most of Pink Floyd’s) rather than just a collections of songs on a CD. There’s a consistent musical theme that ties each song together.