What is your favorite guitarbrand?


I bought a couple days ago a prs custom 24
I Love it what is your favorite brand?


Cool, congrats! Have fun with it! :slight_smile: Wich brand do you decide to?
Well, I really like the brands Fire Red Burst and Scarlet Smokeburst, these are the red ones. Also I like the Teal Black-brand, they look all awesome! But unfortunately I don’t own a PRS by myself… but someday I will :b


I like the classic; Fender Telecaster
And also PSR guitars are very nice


i know nothing about guitars…
but that red hybrid theory guitar brad has…
for years @.@
i want it


i love Ibanez and PRS


I love PRS Guitars but I have a thing for Gibson SGs, they’re my favorite guitars ever! Currently I have a Strat type Ibanez guitar…I wish I could afford a Gibson or a PRS :confused:


Gibson Les Paul absolute favorite. I have a 1973 custom Sunburst. Prs are very nice guitars. I used to play BC Rich and had a Fender Strat Eric Clapton series but definitely prefer Gibson


I like PRS, but my favorite brand is Schecter. Not only their guitars are gorgious but they have a great selection of lefthanded guitars, and as a lefthanded player it’s really hard to find the perfect guitar. I hope i can order my first Schecter over 2 weeks :smiley:


My favorite guitar brand is Fender and especially Strats.
I like the shape and the sound. I got a '76 in 3-color-sunburst, a VG-Strat (same color) and a Jim Root Strat (because of the EMGs G)


Ibanez Iceman is a great guitar
I also like Gibsons LesPaul-Models. Especially the Studio faded wb.