What is your favorite LP-Era?


What is your favourite LP-Era??

My one is NOW: The Living Things Era…

What’s your one?

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Agreed: mine is now, too. Not only because I love the music, but also because great things seem to be popping up in this stage of my life. Good times will come, and I will always associate them with this music. :slight_smile:


Mine is the 2006/2007 era.


My favorite LP era is now but began with Minutes to Midnight. Simply because I liked the way they changed their minds about music, they took risks with the albums instead of doing the same stuff over and over.


Hybrid Theory Era since I was young and totally into LP then. Don’t get me wrong, still love LP, but since I am older, I just get less excited.


Like Derek said, Hybrid Theory. I also have nothing against the new stuff and like it all, but the old stuff will always have it’s place on top


I agree with you guys. So hard to go past Hybrid Theory. New stuff rocks but i grew up with HT!


Living Things and ATS!


Though I was three back then, I liked the HT Era the most. HT as a start and as reminder of todays LT roots will stay my all-time-fave. Its just my opinion and I could tell that I spent lots of thoughts on that early LP theme.


Maybe Meteora and/or LT eras.

I would like a new Frat Party at the Pancake Festival from the LT era, just to compare. [mrgreen]


Meteora era. Their style/music/craziness at that time were awesome!


Ive only been listening to LP since the ATS era but ive heard them from my cousin when I was younger than that and liked it(im 14). I’d definitely say that the LT era because they are now playing songs they havent in a while, new songs, and even underground songs.


Mine is the Meteora era. They did a lot of touring and I think LP were at their prime, so a long break was needed. Came along M2M. …ehhh …But the Living Things Era got me excited again.


I really liked Hybrid Theory in 2000 because it was my teenage years but for some reason ATS Era was the best for me :slight_smile: stars were just aligning and such so everytime I listen to it cover to cover it takes me back to special times/emotions in my life.


Mine is since ATS, I love their experiments with genres and styles. I love when I listen to a song and all I can think about is: 'How? How can they even come up with something like that?! These sounds? Unbelievable! ’


love what they are doing now they are the most interesting band in the world right now they’re always evolving there music pushing the boundries . really there is no other band in the world like these guys no one can compete with there creativity there live performance is just crazy good.


Meteora And Minutes to Midnight Era!! but… I LOVE EVERY ERA!!!


[quote=BigBadBen]Meteora And Minutes to Midnight Era!! but… I LOVE EVERY ERA!!!


From 2009 to 2011 was their best in my opnion. Post-MTM / ATS era was simply amazing, we could really get into the creative minds of each member and learn a lot from them, musically. I think they tried to become too mainstream on Living Things.