What is your favorite member in Linkin Park?


I honestly dont have one but i like… Rob cause i play the drums. and Chester.

LPU member since lpu 1!!!


There’s another thread for this.


I don´t have a favorite Member…I Love LP, I don´t like the solo Albums from Mike & Chester… :slight_smile:


i love all members… but i like Brad [heart][heart][heart]


This is the third threads about favorite LP member, before posting new topic maybe u can use the search button :wink: to many double thread -__-
#just saying cheers :3


they are all awesome
chester has an amazing voice and he is very hot!!!
mike is cute and an good rapper
phoenix is so funny and he is a i like his bass playing
brad (bbb ^^)…i love his big hair xD…the guitar playing is soooo fucking good
rob is so shy, but i love it ^^…he is an awesome drummer!
joe (remy =))…hmmm…he’s special, but funny and a good dj
i love this band so much


What??? The Rising Tied is the greatest hip-hop album I’ve ever heard…
Out of Ashes is also very good…

Obviously they aren’t as awesome as LP albums but it’s apples to oranges…