What is your favourite linkin park film clip?


Linkin Park has made some epic film clips over the years and I think they go great with their songs.

For example, the film clips for One Step Closer and In The End.

The effects and detail of the film clips are epic!


I liked Somewhere I belong especially with those beasts that have 2 knees on each leg. Crawling was good too with the crystals.


somewhere i belong is quite memorable for me too. but most of their music videos are pretty much awesome anyway.
although papercut was less impressive (chester’s look please haha), i liked the fact that one of the members besides chester and mike got a special role somehow.
the new music videos are very beautiful, waiting for the end and the catalyst are some of my favourite.


Fabourite Video would be definitly Somewhere I Belong


I really like the clip for Numb.


In the End, but it is because i like this Song so much!!!