What is your horoscope?


I know that everyone are putting out there horoscopes, let’s put it on here instead. :gift::birthday::balloon::tada::confetti_ball:. You can talk all about it, it should be fun. :grinning::blush:

P.S have fun with it try to make it hype. :grinning:


I’m a cancer :grin: and I’m compatible with Scorpio Pisces and Capricorn


My only question is why do people pay so much attention to these things? Like, checking everyday and connecting every single thing that happens to them to their horoscope.


Why do I laugh because of these associations? :joy:


I’m a Scorpio and I get alone with everyone as long as you don’t get me in to my bad side we are all good. :grin::blush:

I just love Pisces and cancer


I’m a Pisces born on the cusp of Aires. I was born on March 20th which some consider a Pisces and some consider an Aries. I definitely feel like I have traits of both. I’m super creative, empathetic, and emotional, but also crave adventure, prefer spontaneity, and can have intense bouts of rage and spite. My husband is a Sagittarius which are compatible with Aries, so perhaps I’m more of an Aries? Though, I am a graphic artist by trade, so maybe I’m more of a Pisces? It has always fascinated me. :slight_smile:


I m pisces


I don’t understand why some people live and die by their horoscopes. Personally, I don’t care, but for those that do…

I was born October 18, so that makes me a Libra.


@LP13413 that’s cool.


Taurus! And yeah I eat a lot. :pizza:


I don’t get it either but you’ve got to admit sometimes there’s “fortunes” that just crack you up
Respect to those that take it seriously but if you don’t, it can be a good laugh here and there

I’m a Virgo born Sep 17
Not sure besides that lol


I’m Taurus, and I don’t eat too much as they say


Aquarius here


aries here




Libra, I was born on October 13th.


I was born in November 13 so I’m a Scorpio.


Scorpio … October 24th … I’m not a crazy bitch … or am I ?? :rofl:


Are you of October too? Great! And it’s the same day that the release of HT?!


@ironsoldier16 I know it was destiny how do I deny it … I think It was one of the most exciting days of my life within the worst year of my life but HT saved my life