What I've Done Fingerstyle guitar cover


Hi ! I’m Aommie. I’ve joined LPU for many years ago but didn’t realised until now that there’s a cover forum. hahaha So I did some of the fingerstyle covers on youtube and wanna share some with you guys

Here is my own fingerstyle arrangement of What I’ve Done.
Just wanna hear some thoughts on it, and hope you enjoy :blush: :blush:


that is brilliant :grin:
I love how mellow it is
I suck instrumentally lol but just from pure enjoyment, that was awesome


Sounds like the real deal :grinning:


thank you so much !
It’s amazing to get a compliment from a true LP fan ! :blush:


thank you. Didn’t expect this at all :blush:


I really enjoyed all the song, but what I loved more was your smile at the end and that you are enjoying the song, no just playing it, but living it! I’ll share on my Facebook account later.


I still think it’s beautiful listening to it this way


I agree, even her husky was calmed down and paying attention to the song.