What kind of music do u love in linkin park?


well i love all of them XD but i stil like thier rock songs more :slight_smile:
i will like to know what u guys love ? XD


I agree with you about the rock songs. But it’s nice to see another side to them, as well as their ability to supply fans with different styles of music. Linkin Park never gets old to me, and I believe it’s because they have many types of songs that differ from one another. I love their “different” style of making music, and I really enjoy listening to both sides - the softer side and more rock side. Many fans seem to be on the “rock” side, but to be honest I love both!


I love Linkin Park the way they are!
Old and new songs, all freaks me out. I still get goosebumps with all their songs, even LPU songs
Linkin Park is the best in all ways


I agree with Gabriel… I love LP the way they are!! I like the rock, the rap, the hip hop, and the most important I like the way they mix all this!!


Lp is perfect! Even if they were to change their style (which they always do) i would still Listen!