What lp song describes you/your life lyricly


somewhere i belong is totaly me it describes the way i feel perfectly, i used to be very depressed but listening to lp made me realize im not the only one and it can always get beter they helped me keep my spirts high.[smile]

What is the most meaningful/lyrical LP songs?



Empty Spaces


Empty Spaces

That and “Session”.


Same Somewhere I Belong, and Forgotten.




announcement service public SFTU


By Myself
Given Up


hmm waiting for the end, burn it down, the messenger, lying from you, with you, and a bunch of other ones


Every single one :smiley:
I keep on spamming my friends’ inboxes with LP quotes which fit the situation :smiley:
When one girl said she wants to listen to LT for the first time with me but then she went on vacation without telling me before, I sent her link to She couldn’t lyrics. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter


For my work life in the end




robot boy
in pieces


in the end, burning in the skies, powerless


one step closer cause it explains my anger[heart]


Pushing Me Away


Well… I could say One Step Closer when I’m Angry, In the End when I don’t care about something("… it doesn’t even matter… :p) and Iridescent when I feel like I need some pushing to move on with some stuff that happens in life.


Somewhere I Belong and When They Come For Me.


Roads Untraveled
Waiting For The End

  • Pushing Me Away :heart:
  • Lost in the Echo
  • Breaking The Habit