What LP song is stuck in your head?


For the past week or so, "Battle Symphony“ keeps popping into my head. Even after listening to the entire back catalogue of tracks on my daily commute, this song has stuck.
What LP song is sticking with you?


In pieces …


Nothing at the moment, but I remember Keys to the kingdom occasionally popping up in my head for nearly 2 years after THP lol


Heavy is the song that stuck in my head . It play every day. . Oh well i love anyway.


By myself. Dunno why but it is.


The Catalyst. I just have a relationship with this song since it was released. It’s 7 years of pure love :heart:


At the moment, it’s “What We Don’t Know”


Halfway right


And One has been stuck in my head for days. A lot of songs from THP have been too.


Right now, it’s not LP, but Grey Daze - Anything, Anything :slight_smile:
I don’t need no music player, I have a spinning vinyl right inside my head :laughing:


Blackout :black_heart: all day!


Right now - Papercut


Umm probaly heavy and numb idk just yea


Given up, that’s stuck in my head


The past few days I’ve had In My Remains and Leave Out All the Rest stuck in my head.


Burn it down


Yeah, Burn it down for me too after the Brad- video, lol. Yesterday it was Wretches and Kings


And I am back to battle.symphony


Today my Song is invisible :heart:


Halfway right is stuck in my head right now.