What Makes Music Good Music?


Everybody has their own opinion on what good music is. Personally I need good lyrics, a good beat, and other than that anything goes!


Me, I pay attention to the voice of the singer, the rhythm of the music, and especially the correlation between the two. Lyrics should be good, not always same lyrics or who mean nothing.
I often recognize good music when they make feel something in myself… you know? Like chills…

That’s really hard to define “what makes music good music?” I think…


To me, its all about mixing. Also the time and effort that’s put in.


For me, everything is led by the main instruments: The guitar melody ( riffs…), the harmony between bass and drums and the additonal stuff ( keyboard, turntables, effects etc. ). The singer(s) have/has also a hard job: He/She needs to deal with that tight base of music, make it more special and expressive through using the own voice. If Im first listening to a song I concentrate on the guitar first... Maybe cause Im playin it, too


It’s hard to explain what makes good music for me. Important are of course the melody, the instrumentation and the voices. The lyrics are not so important for me as maybe for other people. I also listen to songs whose lyrics I don’t understand (eg French, Spanish). And often I listen to instrumental music without any lyrics. But if the words are cool and I can identify with them, that’s great.

But what is important to me in any case, is that the music is exciting and has unexpected aspects.


for me there are different aspects from which i decide if i like a song or not. sometimes the intro, sometimes the singer’s voice… but the lyrics are important too. sometimes i hear a few lines out of a song which are ‘catching’ me and with which i can identify myself. when i have to cry or to think about the songs message it is a sign for me that it is a good song because it makes you feel something real. sometimes a song gets this power rising in me and i feel something powerful in my chest (weird way to describe this feeling…). that’s a kind of choosing my fave music :wink:


That one who really touch my soul … And describes perfectly who i am … Or what im feeling


I pay attention the most to the music and the singer’s voice. I say a song is good when it catches my attention in some way, which can happen through many different elements. I’ve heard lots of songs where the music sounds good but it doesn’t catch my attention


I tend to listen for a instrumental that has depth, and really utilizes many sounds (and can make them work well). Unless, of course, it’s an acoustic song (and I can’t get enough of those).

I think Brad says it best, though (1:32)