What means basic user?


Hey! :smile:
I’m an LPU member since a month. I find out that everyone has a an account on the forum too (I know, a bit late after a month :DD). And I wondered about this trust level thing. My trust level is “basic user”. What means that and what is that? I’m confused! Can someone help me?
(I got my membership over the johnny cupcakes shirt code) :blush:


I hope this will clear up your doubts. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Very informative thanks


This answers all my questions and confusions! Thank you very much @amitrish! :smile: :blush:


Thank you so much!! This was very informative to me and I appreciate your doing this.


@vicki_s @Barbara_Brown Happy to Help :smile:


It really helped me too! Thank you very much @amitrish :smile:



THANKS !!! Great idems …