What Pokemon for Mike and Rob?


Hi guys,

I’ve been writing a Pokemon / LP / LoS script for about three months now as a fan film remake and wondered what Pokemon you want to want to see with Mike and Rob?

Poll link: http://www.poll-maker.com/poll707021x6f9541f6-29

In order:



Please share this with ANY LPU members you know! More votes mean that I can decide quicker!

Polls will close on the 25th of August!


wasn´t enterable for me, ya poll


The new link should work… did you just call me a poll?


Sorry, can’t help you on this one. I know nothing about Pokemon. I’ll just bring up a random number generator and see what I get, then I’ll vote the number.

I got 7 (Ryhorn). Is that good or bad?


That’s fine. If you want, I can add pictures of all the Pokemon in the thread to give you an idea. You can make your mind that way?


It’s ok, I already voted.


How do I vote? You want me to just type it out?

Mike & Charizard

Rob & Ryhorn

It would have been easier if you created a poll so that people can select their favorite in there. But if this works for you as well I won’t complain :slight_smile: Good luck with it!


There was a poll. Don’t know where it’s gone now.

Did you take it down @Beckster2000 ?


Oh ok. Guess I must’ve missed it then. :see_no_evil:


I dug it out of my history. @Beckster2000 if you deliberately took it down then I’ll ditch the link.


I accidently took it down, I’ll put it back up, thanks! :slight_smile: Can you share this around please?


Had to choose Charizard!


For some reason at first glance that looked like ‘choking hazard’ to me :laughing:


Hey :slight_smile: Who is Charizard for? I’m guessing Mikey right?


Yes definitely for Mike. I forgot to choose one for Rob! I would say Arcanine for him


Searched through a list of all the pokemons (most of your list is terrible), and this is what I’ve came up with:

Obviously already voted for Mike/Rob, just for fun:


Mr. Hahn: (albeit less fierce than this)


A 85days long poll? o.O
Anyways, whom are we voting for? You mentioned Mike & Rob, but the poll says nothing about them? Should I type like @gatsie did?


I just voted twice.


Yep, just decide from the list which pokemon you want Mike and Rob to have and type them out here


Just voted :slight_smile: