What shipping is better?


What shipping is better? (minimum of one choice, maximum of two):

  • Lamdon (Adam Lambert and Rob Bourdon)
  • Bouber (Bourdie… and the JB kid)
  • Bournoda (Mike Shinoda and Rob Bourdon)
  • Lamoda (Adam Lambert and Mike Shinoda)
  • Shinber (Mike and JB)

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This is Adam Lambert by the way:

Bouber and Shinber are a COMPLETE joke. :cold_sweat:

JB better not go near these men!!!


You probably aren’t going to get very positive responses with this. Bennoda and other similar fantasy shipping isn’t well received


Surprised at that :unamused:

Oh well, this is only for fun anyway, nothing serious.


Not into this, but you know what? If 2pac Shakur would rise from the grave, a Shinoshakur would be an interesting ship…


Cool shipping name sounds like a person out of Mortal Kombat