What should LP'S next album be like?


THP was good. What should their next album be like? I’ve had too much electric, and they should make one with guitars, roaring 3 times faster, Chaz screaming 4 times louder, and Mile rapping 5 times faster. There could even be one particular song so crazy and chaotic and intense that it makes weaklings crap their pants and lp fans obsess. LP, I hope you see this.


Haha… calm down dude. THP was just released. How about discover the new songs and enjoy?


Bro, the two albums ATS and LT make me feel incomplete. I am a classic hardcore LP fan.


It will be awesome just like all their other albums. And nobody should get disappointed about a thousand suns and living things. They wanted to experiment and I’m sure people can notice that if they pay full attention to the differences. There is nothing wrong with having a bit of a change when it comes to music. If for example nirvana were still going, imagine how they would have ended up, they had heavy sh** in the last 2 albums and they might have turned tables if they had still been making music.