What Song Are You Listening To?


It’s good having those memories… Unfortunatelly I won’t have any…except that I will always remember the day he passed…It’s my son’s birthday… See? you have a great memory… write and talk about it so that it won’t get erased :slight_smile:


Announcement Service Public- Linkin Park (subliminal messages :wink:)


Heaven’t heard this for a while :slight_smile:


These are my 2 favourite songs in reverse order…I love this live performance and I love Mike at 1:21 I cried laughing when I first heard it… :slight_smile:


Hall of fame - script


Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It
Some of the lyrics on AM are surprisingly comforting.


Paramore - Pool


The New - Interpol.

(It’s interesting how I write lyrics inspired by Linkin Park and I find out the melodies with Interpol’s songs.)


I was listening to Slow ya Roll with LP today

The lyrics… :frowning:




LP - WITH YOU :slight_smile:


Forgotten, completely addicted.


“Iridescent: Live in Las Vegas 2/19/11” by Linkin Park. That was the same year/show where I met them. :heart: Chester sounds fantastic on this song which is amazing since he had cancelled two weeks of shows due to an illness. R.I.P., my muse.



whole album


Loud, noisy and great song :slight_smile:

Let’s also appreciate the Bieber phase of Mike’s hair :slight_smile:


I love when Chester plays those drums :slight_smile: :heart: :heart_eyes:
And yeah, Justin Bieber :laughing: Try the ketchup! :slight_smile:

Wow… that crowd is huge!


It was a great live… Every live of WTCFM is sponsored by Heinz :rofl::rofl:




can we just have on Moment to realize how awesome mike sounds on this record?:


Linkin Park - Across The Line