What Song Are You Listening To?


Actually my alarm clock wakes me up with this song- thaaanx @aaran - was a good advice to put LP on it :grin:


People are strange- the doors


Think of all the hours of sleep I have stopped you having?


Think of all the mornings I almost „fllown“ outta bed - Just because of ya advice :blush: I enjoy it as alarmtone cause it makes me feel goose bumps- and then I am awake and ready to start my day

and on another note: thaaanx for working on the LPU 17 thread with Jordan- ya just a very nice soul friend :blush:



“flown” = roll out of bed and facepalm the floor, don’t lie :stuck_out_tongue: I know what you mean about the goose bumps!

No worries! We got to support Derek and Jordan <3 They’re our overlords


Looking for the answer mike shinoda


Robot boy


You can easily guess my favourite part!!


All the song?

Crawling (Live Berlin 2017) - Linkin Park.


I have been there it was awesome


All the song but Brad’s part is a little more :slight_smile:


No roads left… :slight_smile:


One Step Closer


Let This Go by 5FDP


Until it breaks


Anberlin - Impossible


Change (In the House of Flies)-Deftones


Random sunday music on soundCloud :slightly_smiling_face:


Green Day - Platypus (I Hate You)


join us… we have the catalyst rn :slight_smile: :sunny: @lp13413