What song do you want to hear live again?


Linkin Park have many many great songs but unfortunately they can’t play every song live. So, What song(s) you want to hear live again? And you have to choose at least one which is not played anymore.

I would like to hear Don’t Stay and Figure !!


In Pieces and From The Inside would be awesome to hear live


Points of Authority, WITH YOU, Don’t Stay, Figure 09 are the main ones :slight_smile:


With you & In pieces


Qwerty, Points of Authority, Little things give you away, Robot Boy


AAAH, QWERTY! I forget it :slight_smile: That would be awesome


AAAH, QWERTY! I forget it :slight_smile: That would be awesome[/quote]

yeah :slight_smile:


Hands Held High in it’s entire, With You and Frgt/10. As for songs I’ve heard live but wanna hear again, From The Inside and Little Things


Easier to run!!! Qwerty, My December, With You, Robot Boy, Pushing Me Away from Reanimation.
And other ones I didn’t hear live.


With You, P5hng Me A*wy, Figure.09, Easier to Run, In Pieces, And One I would love to hear make a return to the setlist. Would faint if they played Carousel and Part Of Me Live.


Don’t Stay, Across the Line, What We Don’t Know and, I may be in the minority here, but In Between.


Reading my eyes :D.


The Hybrid Theory version of Forgotten.


[quote=Soundwave]The Hybrid Theory version of Forgotten.


There are a loooot of songs that i wish they played live but the best for me would be Figure.09 cause it’s my favorite song and i’ve never heard it live :frowning:


Qwerty, Hands Held High, In Pieces


When they come for me, wretches and kings, blackout, place for my head, somewhere i belong, bleed it out, the little things give you away , hands held high, in between … etc :smiley:


Lying From You, Faint, From The Inside, When They Come For Me, Blackout


It would be so much fun to hear those old songs live again :slight_smile:


I heard all but one (FTI) at the LP concert in Munich this year…so I don’t think they count as they still play them…