What Song Is Stuck In Your Head?


It happens to everyone. Sometimes you get a song stuck in your head. Sometimes it happens to be a completely random song at a completely random time. Do you have a song stuck in your head right now? Mine currently is:

New Found Glory - Summer Fling, Don’t Mean A Thing


At the time Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is stuck in my head. Dunno why, I haven’t even heard the song in a while…


not right now but i am listening to music now :3


Bloody Beetroths ~ Ivory


Now the song stuck in my head is BLACK JOHN - STONE SOUR


Limp Bizkit’s “Stuck” is stuck in my head.


Pierce the veil - I don’t care if You’re contagious

I can’t stop listening this:)


The Neighbourhood - Afraid

I want to remove this song from my head, but can’t!(


Now it’s “Blood-Red, White & Blue” by Rise Against


I like the kills, but the song “Future Starts Slow” is really stuck in my head for two days, I don’t know why.


Impossible - James Arthur


KoRn’s “Let The Guilt Go”


Damn, unlucky [lol]