What songs by Linkin Park aren't angsty?


Thing is that I don’t know what songs are not meant to be sad or angry in meaning. This is to help me with thinking of covering songs in the future.


Everyone sees the songs differently, it’s really up to each individual.


Your feeling is leading how it is, dudette!


That’s right, @EvoOba. People might think bubbles is a nice, kind and sweet song. But I, I think it is…scary and very VERY! Aggressive


Yeap, exactly! No Laundry is pretty intimidating too!


Jellyfish is ok


I’m talking about songs from their released albums, not the underground unreleased songs.


We were joking, just in case you didn’t realize that.


Oh, I see :grin:


Victimized is a very calm and soothing song. Very suitable for when one has to babysit on small children during bedtime.