What Songs That Represent Each Album


What songs do you think best represents each Linkin Park album? Doesn’t have to be a single, or even popular, just what best describes the album, or maybe just your favorite song from the album, but only pick one! You don’t have to go into the extreme detail like I did, but why you picked it would be nice!


Hybrid Theory: High Voltage: Even though it wasn’t a part of the main album, and it’s more rap than anything else on the album, what the song is about seems to fit all of what Linkin Park always says Hybrid Theory was about, the mixing of different genres
"Making the rhythm and rhyme collide"

Meteora: Somewhere I Belong: I don’t think this is what the song is really about, but with the immense popularity of Hybrid Theory after the multiple failures trying to get on a record label, Linkin Park finally found somewhere they belonged

Minutes to Midnight: What I’ve Done: This album seemed a lot more open than the last two, being about more than just personal problems. With just the song alone, this song might not really fit here, but the video is all about the different things wrong in the world today (or 2007)

A Thousand Suns: When They Come for Me: Everyone knows that there was huge backlash against Linkin Park when Minutes to Midnight ended up sounding completely different than the previous albums, and Mike acknowledges this saying that he is no longer the same person he was back then, by referring to Points of Authority
"I am not … the same person telling you to forfeit the game"

Living Things: Lost in the Echo: With Mike’s lines near the end about not giving up or backing down, I feel like that relates to how Linkin Park keeps pushing out great, different music even though there are people who don’t let go of their past music
"Can’t be stopped, all I know; go hard"

The Hunting Party: I don’t really know yet. It seems too early to judge, or maybe I don’t listen to the album enough


Hybrid Theory: With You
Meteora: Lying from You
MTM: What I’ve Done
ATS: Wretches and Kings
LT: Lost in the Echo
THP: Keys to the Kingdom

I think these songs present the sound of its album. If I should show a person how (for example) The Hunting Party sounds with one song, I’ll show him KTTK. I think if someone likes KTTK, I could guarantee that he will love the majority of THP too. Same with the other songs an albums listed on top of this post.