What songs to play for Halloween?


Anyone have any suggestions for some creepy songs to play on a Halloween party?

There’s going to be a Halloween Meet on https://plug.dj/lpunderground


There are so many… I would say something by Alice Cooper is almost mandatory (though a lost of his songs are more on the campy and comedic side of creepy than legitimately creepy and unnerving). But I would suggest things like “Second Coming,” “Steven,” and “Years Ago” regardless. I’m also a huge Marilyn Manson fan, and basically everything he’s done is also fit for Halloween. I really like “Overneath the Path of Misery.”


Other more obscure suggestions from the darker corners of my collection:




And of course:
This is the shorter video version, however. The full “Halloween” is about 13 minutes and one of my favorites by that German power metal band. Again, campy warning, though (like much 80s metal).

I have a goth side, hehee.


I would want to hear a mix of linkin park songs from their latest albums


I think @intheend had a similar topic last year that you could find some songs in


Buttface D;


Marilyn Manson was for some reason the only one I could think of. Thanks for the tips @synathidy

I’ll take a look at that old similar thread by @intheend. Thanks for the heads up.

@annejprado What Linkin Park song do you consider scary enough for Halloween?


I think some songs like from minutes to midnight and a thousand suns and living things album that would be kool @gatsie any would do