What to do with extra tix: Tacoma WA


So I have 2 extra tickets that are reserved seats that I may sell to the public if none of my friends want to buy them from me, and I was wondering: could I sell them to anyone here, or on another site, if I have proof of purchase? I know that we don’t get the physical tickets until pretty soon before the show, and I would be in a hurry to sell them, then (plus I’d like the money sooner, to pay off the credit card I used to get them, lol).
I was just curious if people did that often, and if people trusted you enough to buy tickets you don’t physically have yet. :confused:


Cannot sell to people on here. Sorry.


[quote=Derek]Cannot sell to people on here. Sorry.


I don’t know about the laws in WA, but you may be able to sell them somewhere near the show where people are always looking for tix. In Georgia, as long as it is at least 1500 feet away from the venue or any ticket brokers, you can sell (‘scalp’) your tickets that way - and hey, it’d be extra money for merch or food or whatever at the show!

Also, you could try posting them on Craigslist. I wouldn’t suggest doing that until you physically have the tickets though.


Yeah, that’s what sucks! They’ll deliver tickets 1-2 weeks prior to the show and you have a limited time frame to sell them before you have to start slashing prices since the show is in 24-48hours. They should definitely deliver it at least a month or two in advance, just in case people can’t attend or having some difficulties with UPS/US Postal.


…also because some people want to give tickets as gifts… I bought them for my bf’s bday which is in July and i wont have the tickets to give him :frowning:


I agree… :frowning: I did see in another thread that during the last tour they got them about a month before, that’d be nice.