What to get Autographed?


I got selected for the M&G in Calgary! Any cool ideas of things people have got autographed by LP?


I went with a black drumhead.


I’m drawing a pic! I knew you’d get picked for M&G! :stuck_out_tongue: I got my confirmation from the LPST today for Edmonton.

I say, print out a high quality picture, make something, or get a t-shirt or CD signed. But if you have any cool LP related merch or something then that’s probably best


If selected, I would love to get my Hybrid Theory EP or ATS Deluxe Edition autographed.


I will probably get HT signed be ause that is one of my all time favourite albums. I have an LP flag but that might be a bit harder to sign.

Yay Hillarie! Let me know how it goes.


I still think Im going to get one of the Limited Edition Posters from the concert in Tacoma signed. I know I got selected today, so I am already more than stoked.


Want them to sign one of my spider-man comic books.


When it comes to things getting autographed I’m more of a CD guy. So I would say CDs. Unless you have a really rare and cool item. My first M&G I just had to get my Hybrid Theory CD signed no matter what. Felt that out of all the things I had that was the first one I needed to get signed. Got my LIVING THINGS signed at my second M&G. Still thinking about getting my Hybrid Theory EP, Meteora, and Reanimation CDs signed before I adventure to getting other items signed besides CDs.


I love getting something unique signed. There’s probably a couple thousand signed posters, CDs, and tshirts out there in the world.

I’ve had my guitar signed by the band and a three piece oil painting signed by the band


I think I’ll like to get my From The Inside book autographed :smiley:


I was thinking about that some days ago. Maybe I would design a poster and gonna printed in a A3 format or something bigger. That would be the thing I wanna get autographed.

I’d draw something, I think, that would be a gift for them.